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Navigating the job search process can be time consuming–refining your resume, writing new cover letters for each new position you want to apply and researching potential employers. Too many pointless interviews with companies that aren’t the right fit can really become frustrating.   

When CareerLane, LLC represents you in your confidential career search, we save you time and we act as a liaison to negotiate your desired salary and benefits package. 

We complete a comprehensive interview with you to get a clear understanding of your career goals. We access your skill sets and experience level, as well as identify your desired business culture and the accomplishments you wish to achieve in your next role. 

From there, we review the employment opportunities that are available, many of which are never posted on the traditional job search websites that most candidates rely upon for job leads.

CareerLane, LLC will market you to companies that appear to be the best fit and we provide interview preparation to give you the best chance to impress.

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